Practical Philosophers Club

- Happiness pills are offered around the corner
- But there's no one there ...
- No wonder...

In business, as in life, there are no right or wrong ways. Do not believe that there is only one way to achieve the desired result - it's wrong! This "axiom" is so much stuck in the minds of people that it is never questioned. There is, there was and there will be no universal recipe to solve all problems. The reason for the absence of such "happy pills" is that world is multivariate and even the two essentially identical situations can have different causes and effects. Understanding this phenomenon is important in private business, in one of the most dynamic and fastest growing areas of the world. The laws of business vision, existing on the market today - this is just a product of thinking of those companies who came to market before you and who recognized, articulated and realized their mission, purpose and goals. Adopting someone else's development model, selecting the "path of faith," many are hoping to adopt other's happy end. They are convinced that other's scheme will work for them. However, it does not. The reason is simple - adopting the laws, they understand neither their nature nor how and why they were created. Every success story is unique, it is born in the throes of creativity through living, doing and moving. Practical business philosophy will help you realize your chance of success.

Practical Philosophers Club
The very name of the club points to the range of our interests. We unite people of different professions, social groups, beliefs and views of the world who are close to each other in spirit. As such, the decision to establish the club was made after we began to communicate, both online and face-to-face.

Main idea of the Practical Philosophers Club
Bringing people together in a new communication who wish to communicate while continuing an independent movement in time and space, without obligations and restrictions.

Goals of the Practical Philosophers Club

  • Creating a new and unique methodology of social, cultural and economic interaction between independent people;
  • A new format of cooperation in the field of business education, radically different from all that now exists; it will be focused on the development of effective leadership and creativity potential in the organization.