Leonid Tyutrin

Managing Partner Proven Group Coach, instructor, consultant Anti-crisis and daily management based on unique indicators


Areas of expertise:

Sociology. Modeling the efficient use of human capital. Author of Paradoxical Management,

an integrated approach to the management of areas of human activity.


Paradoxical Management:


- Unleashing of individual technologies and personal development resources

- Identification and correction of cyclic processes of individual or organizational activity

- Development of an innovative worldview

- Multidimensional control system for personal and organizational capacity

- Interdisciplinary approach to the development of management resources.



- Candidate of Sociology (thesis on cyclic processes in sociology)

- Ordzhonikidze Moscow Institute of Management, Economic Cybernetics

- Khabarovsk Polytechnic Institute, mechanical engineer in construction and road

machinery (Implementation of electronic control systems in heavy machinery contractor




- V.A.Petrov Institute of Space Energy Technology;

Skills of orientation and management of energy flows


Professional experience:

- Years of successful programming experience

- Postsecondary instructor

- Business experience in Information Technology

- Study of sociology, psychology, philosophy

- Familiarity with a number of religious schools and movements

- Study of ideal laws of the material world

- Study of temporal limits and their categorical measurements

- Own path and building a happy life (son, husband, father)

- Enjoying the control of thought, serious positive changes in trainees, life and work Totals


= 20 years in traditional management and 15 years in alternative management 


Leonid Tyutrin offers a proprietary program of Paradoxical Management